On Day 3 of my road trip I drove to Dallas and experienced how big Texas is.  So much land, so many oil pumps, so much of nothing in between awesome things.  They say between stars and galaxies are mostly empty space.  To me, Texas felt like the 2D analog of outer space.

In Dalls I visited the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which is where the assassination of President John F. Kennedy occurred.  History has always been my weakest subject, especially U.S. history, so all I knew was that, yeah JFK got assassinated, the end.  The museum did a great job explaining a bit about JFK’s political career, the assassination, and the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Apparently during the motorcade through Dallas, JFK had the roof of the limousine down so he can be more interactive with the crowd and stuff.  Unfortunately, this guy named Lee Harvey Oswald was waiting on the 6th floor of Dealey Plaza with a sniper rifle and shot him through the back/neck.

The interesting thing I learned was the role photography and television played in JFK’s life.  Television and photography helped the American public get to know the good-looking JFK, and put his family life under the spotlight like a celebrity.  Throughout the beginnings of the civil rights movement, landing on the moon, cuban missile crisis, etc. television and photography played big roles somehow.  And lastly, he was shot in the midst of numerous amateur photographers which helped tremendously in the investigation afterwards.  His assassination happened to be videographed (aka Zapruder film), and later on the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald by a Dallas nightclub owner was recorded as well.

Anyways, the museum does a much better job at explaining things so you should go check it out.  There’s also plenty of conspiracy theories so knock yourself out.  Why was Lee Harvey Oswald so easily caught?  Why so quickly murdered before his trial?



Afterwards I didn’t have too much time to do a ton of stuff, but went to Pioneer Plaza to see statues of cattle.  It was really fun looking at all the metal cows and taking fun photos with them.



Lastly, I stayed the night at Derrick’s house.  Derrick is a high school friend who is now a dental student in Dallas.  His wife cooked us awesome food and I got to meet their super adorable daughter.  I love babies.  Anyways he gave me a tour of his dental school which was very cool, and we spent the night talking and catching up.  As great as it is to tour around different states and see cool stuff, it doesn’t beat the time you get to be loved by friends and catch up with them.  They were so hospitable and I’m blessed to have a friend like Derrick.  Staying at their apartment was a nice upgrade from the lonely basic Motel 6 rooms I had been using.

IMG_1489Day 3

Simeon Koh