On the first day of my journey, I said good bye to my mom, sister, and Pinky our dog and headed off to Arizona.  For those who have never been to Arizona, there are so many canyons besides the Grand Canyon (Zion canyon, upper and lower antelope canyons, etc.) as well as the petrified forest.  Anyways since I had been to Arizona multiple times with my family in the past, this time I only made a stop at Granite Dells.

It was a random place with lots of interesting rocks surrounding lakes.  I expected it to be isolated from civilization, but the rocks were basically just an extension of the town in Prescott, AZ.  There wasn’t a clear entrance with big signs and visitor centers as in many such places.  That was very painful because after driving for 6 hours I really really really needed to pee and I couldn’t find where to park.  After a while, I just pulled into a local park and in my desperation I peed in the bushes hoping no innocent child may walk by with his/her parents.  After I regained normal mental capacity, it was much easier to locate another park that was closer to the lake and rocks.

I had so much fun climbing up and down rocks and probably went to dangerous parts that I should not have done so as a solo traveler with no experience rock-climbing.  The good thing is that I picked up some empty water bottles that people accidentally dropped into such out-of-reach places, so that made it worth the danger.  If I were like Bear Grylls and had a professional cameraman follow me up and down these rocks I would have much cooler photos but unfortunately it was impossible to take selfies while climbing down big rocks with other people’s trash in my hand.  You can peruse the Internet for pictures of Granite Dells and imagine a little Korean man traversing those rocks picking up trash and watching ducks swim in the lake.

I wish I had more time spend there, but I still had 5 more hours to drive to my reserved Motel 6 at Lordsburg, NM.  Maybe next time I’ll make a longer stay and hike the trails a bit more.

Simeon Koh

Day 1