“I eat a little bit of everything, and not a lot of anything.”

– Giada de Laurentiis

***2015.07.09 - Taste of Chicago

Last week I went to the Taste of Chicago, a food festival.  Several dozen food vendors open up a booth and give you food in exchange for tickets.  I knew it was going to be a hot, unhealthy, and expensive day, but I figured it might be a fun experience.

This food festival had these “taste of…” options where you can buy smaller portions for fewer tickets so that you don’t get full on just a few kinds of food.  Also, it’s a ploy for them to give you less food and sell you more stuff.

I was starving when I got there, so I bought this (“taste of…”) fried catfish thing and gobbled it up quickly.  Probably the reason I ate it so quickly was because it was 2 tiny pieces… for 4 tickets (12 tickets = $8.50, so 4 tickets = $2.83).  It was tasty, but it was literally… just a taste.

Next I bought this spicy something jerk chicken thing for 5 tickets ($3.54).  I got one tiny piece of chicken that’s pictured above.  It was so sad and I was so hungry that I was just gonna eat and take no pictures, but I took one for the blog.  Oh the dedication.

I also had some fried steak sandwich (like a beef katsu with marinara sauce in a sandwich).  Shared a funnel cake (at least it was a descent volume).  Some overpriced sorbet.  Etc.  Lastly I stood in a long long long line to get half a taco.  Yes, it was literally half of a taco, which we all know is pretty small to begin with.  And it didn’t taste that good.

But it was fun to be with friends and partake in this experience.  With the $17 I spent on food, I could have had a great meal elsewhere, but sometimes you pay more money for less food because somebody tells you it’s the Taste of Chicago.  Oh the price of adventure.

Simeon Koh