Sorry I haven’t written in here for a while.  I had promised to write at least once a week, but it’s already been 3 weeks since my last entry.  I think I’ve just been busy being lazy to write here.  I also didn’t really have something I wanted to write about.

Sometimes I think I need to have something profound to say here.  When I do have some profound moments, I do like to share them, but sometimes life just isn’t that special.  I guess something doesn’t need to be profound or prophetic for me to talk about.  Maybe it just needs to be interesting.  This is just a blog after all.


My neighbor moved away a couple days ago.  I was heading out for school in the morning when I saw her door open (her apartment entrance faces mine) with movers moving a bunch of her things into a truck outside.  When I came back home that night, her paw-print doormat was gone and there was no barking from her dog.  Plus, her bright red car with a paw-print sticker on the back wasn’t in the parking lot.  It’s been 2 days with no sign of life from within, so I’m pretty sure she’s gone.

I don’t even know her name.  I don’t know what she did for a living.  We merely said hello awkwardly whenever we passed each other in the last 5 months I’ve been around here.  She was some sort of white lady in her early 30s (I think), brown hair, big eyes and long eye lashes, living alone with her dog.  Besides English, I have heard her speak on the phone (to her mother maybe?) in some European-sounding language that I didn’t recognize.  Sometimes a couple kids would come visit her.  I don’t know if they were her kids, or her niece/nephew, or some unrelated kids.

I knew almost nothing about her, but she was the only person I could recognize in this neighborhood.  Not that I really care that she’s gone, but I now will recognize no one around here.  Quite possibly there is now no one who would recognize me in this neighborhood as well.

Now that no one lives in that apartment across the hall, I wonder who will come next.  Maybe another lonely person; maybe a happy family of four; maybe simply no one.

My neighbor moving away also leads me to think about my own departure.  I plan on moving after my 10-month lease ends in early June.  Will I miss my apartment?  I’m pretty sure I won’t.  As much as I like it, it’s merely a transitional residence.  A temporary home.  A place to rest for a moment until we move along, as we all do.

Simeon Koh