2015.01.04 - Snowman

My winter vacation has unfortunately ended, and I begrudgingly left my home in California to once again resume my first year of medical school.  When I got off the plane at 6AM, Chicagoland greeted me with lots of snow!

Some friends were nice enough to pick me up from the airport and dropped me off at my snow-covered school parking lot, where I had left my car.  We said good bye and I started to drive home when I suddenly realized I couldn’t just go home yet.

I had to build a snowman.

Oh man it was hard work.  I think I’m done with exercising for 2015.  Anyways, I wanted to make it really really big like man-sized snowman!  Then the big ball I was working on split in half.  It was the most devastating moment of the year.  I desperately put the 2 halves together and mended the crack with more snow, but it kept cracking open pretty frequently after that.  So I gave up on a man-sized snowman and settle for a hobbit-sized snowman.  A snowhobbit.

The second ball was a lot easier because I guess I got better at snowballin’.  I picked up some rocks for the eyes and stuck some branches for the arms.  Then took some pictures.  I really wanted to take a video of my self playing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” next to my snowhobbit, but I found out I’d need someone to record me while I play if I’m outside.

Speaking of not having someone to help me, it’s important when you’re picturing this situation to note that I was alone in the snow-covered parking lot from 7:30-9am making my snowman.  Was it weird for a California-grown, sleep-deprived (slept <4 hrs on the overnight flight) man to be sweating and grunting in the snow early in the morning alone at the school parking lot?  Perhaps.  Would I have probably stayed awake during church today if I had slept instead of snowballin’?  Probably.  Would there be numerous opportunities to make a snowman later this winter?  Yes.  But the novelty of the moment would be gone if not today.  I want to thrive in 2015, not barely survive.  So build a snowman I did!

2015.01.04 - Snowman 2

Simeon Koh