During the past few weeks a friend discovered that Monday nights are $1/game at a nearby bowling alley.  What a spectacular deal it was, and is, and hopefully is to come.

We’ve been going as a group of 3-4 guys, and one of the guys actually knows how to bowl (whereas the rest of us kind of bowl like it’s the casinos), and taught us how to spin.  I figured, it’s not like my bowling scores can get much lower, so might as well learn something proper about bowling.

The first couple games were terrible.  So many gutters, and unintentionally but consistently hitting the one back left corner pin.  I think I scored like a 40something for those 2 games.  Then on the 3rd or 4th game I started getting the hang of it and I scored like an 80.  Then on the last game I scored my personal record of 123.


The next week I bowled a turkey (3 strikes in a row) for the first time ever.  Then I bowled another personal record of 146.



The week after that I bowled another personal record of 149.


Then a few days later we went on a different day where they had an unlimited bowling night for $8.  We bowled 16 games (oh my aging body) so that we could get 50cents per game haha.  Anyway in one of those 16 games I scored another personal record of 156.


Life Lessons:

  1. Having a good teacher can make a huge difference.  Before this, I used to bowl 60~90 points.  Now I consistently bowl over 100.
  2. Also, bowling is more fun when you actually do it intentionally instead of flippantly throwing balls at a general direction.
  3. Thirdly, Monday night bowling is super affordable and since there’s nobody at the bowling alley we can all get separate lanes and bowl super fast so we can get back to studying.
  4. Fourthly, bowling gets me my exercise for the week…

Simeon Koh