2014.11.27 - Friendsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few of us not returning to our families for Thanksgiving gathered for a “Friendsgiving” dinner on Thursday.  We bought a ton of bulgogi (already marinated, from H-Mart), we had chips, soda (they call them “pop” here by the way), mac&cheese, garlic bread, ice cream sandwiches, and an amazing pecan pie (from Walmart).  Oh yeah we also had the little clementine oranges, but we were too busy stuffing ourselves with unhealthy food that we didn’t have very much of that.  I hadn’t been eating a lot of meat lately so it was really good to indulge haha.

In addition to lots of food, there was good company.  There were 6 of us, 1 of whom I met for the first time (yay for new friends).  We had a lot of laughs about how this pecan pie is almost 5000 calories, how to learn to be a mean person, how this milk chocolate flavored Pringles strangely isn’t good but isn’t bad at the same time, how one person really timidly wanted to feed us ice cream sandwiches, how some of us are 2 or 3 degrees of separation away from famous people, etc…

We ended the night with some black Friday shopping.  Yes, black Friday shopping on Thursday.  My mission was to find a winter jacket to survive the Chicago winter, but nobody realized how difficult it would be.  I was like, oh how about this?  And my Canadian and Minnesotan friends were like no that’s not gonna be warm enough.  Repeat this for about 5 hours, through which I bought a board game (Quelf), a pair of gloves, and a toaster, but no jacket.  Getting tired, I put on my cute sympathy-inducing baby sad face and cried out softly to nobody in the air, “I just want a winter jacket!  Is that so hard to ask for?

Then we walk into Sports Authority where we finally find worthy potential jackets.  Then the announcement announces that the store will be closing in 4 minutes.  So we go mad to find me a thick enough jacket and I try it on and it fits, feels good, color isn’t too ugly, is on sale, and I pay like a desperate man does in such a situation.  Life lesson:  sometimes you spend forever looking for the perfect jacket, and then just before the door closes you find the One and you quickly seal the deal and realize how fortunate you are to have found the one you did.

Anyways, then we guys got back home around 1:30AM and chatted for a bit because the girls taking the other car were apparently still going strong and crazy at the mall.  Then eventually the girls came back with too many bags and we ended the night.

The End

Simeon Koh