I forgot to post last week.  I’ll make it up I promise.  But I can’t promise very good quality writing.  Things are quite busy again, and most of my life isn’t very adventurous right now.


Last week friends and I went to eat at this place named – I kid you not – Create Your Own Cheesecake & Cheesesteak.  On the outside it looks like an uninteresting real hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but with a name like that, how could we not try it?  Plus Yelp had really good reviews (although small n).

It was actually incredible.  You know how you walk into an ice cream shop and you sample different flavors and you buy whatever scoops you want?  This was like that, except with cheesecake not ice cream.  And these were really amazing cheesecakes.

The cheesesteak was also good.  Plus the staff were really nice.  The owner (I think he’s the owner) gave us all 50% off coupons for next time (it’s just copies of the menu that says “50% off” endorsed with his signature) for no reason!  Also, as we were about to leave, he just gave us free cheesefries!  I don’t know why he was so gracious to us (must have been heaven’s grace overflowing within his spirit or something) but I’m definitely returning to this place.

Also, a special shoutout to that Indian friend in the picture (he’s trying to eat the other guy’s head).  He bought me the cheesesteak because he apparently “felt bad for saying mean things” when we were joking around the other day.  I don’t know what he has to be sorry about, so I think he’s just another generous guy in my life.  Cool.  I love being loved.

This blog post has been a random story about great food, without much deep thought, but that’s okay.  Deep thoughts will come as several shallow thoughts assemble themselves.

Simeon Koh