I should be studying.  I have my first exam on Monday and there are still much I haven’t reviewed.  However, I made a promise to blog at least once per week (not necessarily meaning every 7 days, but just once within that Sun-Sat period), and promises are more important than getting that 1 additional point on an exam.

One of the things that nearly everyone tells me about here is the Chicago winter (look up “Chiberia”) and Chicago-style pizza also known as deep dish pizza. For reasons unknown to most people, this species of pizza seems to exist primarily in Chicago-related area (defined pretty broadly here).  Why has it not made its way to the numerous pizzerias in California (even though we Californians all know/hear about it)?  How come other species of pizza (commonly belonging to genus Pizza Hut, Dominoes, etc.) can somehow even make it overseas to Korea, but deep dish hasn’t proliferated?  No one I’ve met has been able to provide a satisfactory answer.

Anyways, one of the good friends I made here is hungry pretty constantly, and was craving deep dish pizza.  I also had to try it out for myself, so a group of us went out to eat deep dish pizza for the very special occasion of celebrating the completion of the second week of school.  As we know, the second week of school comes around only once per year, so we HAD to celebrate.  Had no choice.

The pizza was huge, and I was pretty stuffed with 2 slices (as opposed to like 4 slices of normal pizza), which everyone had also forewarned me about.  It was indeed delicious, and worth all the hype.  I think I liked it better than normal pizza, but I’ll hold off on an official statement until I’ve had more experience with deep dish.

Here are some pictures:

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I also want to mention these new friends I made in school here.  Sometime during first week of school I was studying in the library, at the opposite end of the table where these guys were sitting.  But my laptop battery eventually ran out and I had to move closer to them to plug into the electrical outlet.  And thus we became friends.  In fact, the 4 of us are in sort of accelerated friendship mode, where we now see each other for at least 8 hrs pretty much everyday.  I can’t explain why, but I feel extremely happy when I’m with them.  Much thanks goes to God for friends with whom I can already foresee myself making unforgettable memories.  My first deep dish pizza was already one of them.

Simeon Koh