I am running out of time for adventures.  I am starting medical school in August, which will be an adventure of course, but it will mean less time to do some of the random things I have had time to do for the last 2 years.  So I’m trying to have as many adventures as I can in the next 2 months or so.


Last last Friday I went to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park to hike.  It was a bit far from my house (~1 hr drive) but I was getting somewhat bored of the trails near home.  About 4 years ago, I went to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park for research field work (looking for lichens), and I couldn’t forget about that place because it was so awesome.  This time, I went with my friend Aaron, and we started from Nix Nature Center (see map).  We started up Mary’s Trail, up Little Sycamore, turned left to come down by Serrano Ridge, Camarillo Cyn Rd., and up Stagecoach South Trail.  I can’t say how many miles it was, but it took us about 3 hrs and 45 minutes.  I probably could have done it a bit faster, but we stopped for lunch, and took lots of breaks.

It was a really enjoyable hike.  Lots of shrubs, some trees, and sometimes birds and animals were seen throughout the hike.  The weather was really nice too, since it’s near the sea.  Towards the end it got pretty difficult because we were pretty tired and the weather was getting warm.  We eventually made it and expressed our happiness in a very tiresome manner.

An interesting thing about this park was that the facilities are really nice.  You could tell that good money went into building the Nix Nature Center.  Also, the restrooms were nice and the water fountains worked!  Most amazingly, the park had little tubes of sunblock for free!  I’ve never been to a place that gives away free sunblock.


Afterwards, we drove down to the beach to cool down.  When we got there the tide was coming in so the waves were pretty strong, which was fun.  However, the waves knocked my glasses away and I lost them.  Sad panda.  Plus the tide was coming in, so there was no way the glasses would wind up on the shore.  Thankfully in my car I had my prescriptioned sunglasses, so I drove back home without dying in a car crash.


After we got home and washing up, we decided we burned too many calories that day, and thus needed to reverse our exercise.  So we went to Slater’s burger, and I got the Hawaiian burger PLUS a mint-chocolate Guinness milkshake.  The food and milkshake were really good, so YOLO swag, right?  Actually, that was way too much food and I actually didn’t feel very good afterwards.  I guess this is America.


All in all, an adventurous day it was indeed.

Simeon Koh