In my Not Being Late post #5, I boasted of my 1-month streak of not being late.  Those were splendid days indeed.

I think the streak went on up to 5 weeks, and then I was late to something (Not Being Late post #6).  And everything kind of went downhill from there.  Throughout April and some of May, I kind of relapsed into my old self.  I was late to all sorts of things that should have been really easy to be on time for.  There were a couple of situations where being late was worth it (like staying 15 min late to tutor a student studying right before for his AP calc exam), but mostly I was just irresponsible.

I won’t say being tardy is like an addiction.  It’s not like I can’t live without being late (and need to be more and more late to feel a sense of euphoria).  It’s more like being in shape.  It feels good to keep in discipline consistently, but it does take very deliberate effort, which makes it very easy to relapse back into an un-prompt lifestyle.

While I am surprised that it’s the end of May yet I’m still working on my New Year’s Resolution (I assume very small percentage of people make it past 1 month), I do need to reboot myself.  I’m currently on a 2-week streak again (yay gummy bears!), so hopefully I’ll make this streak into a personal record.  Wish me luck.

Besides, this year I’ve so far made 19 tardies.  This means the next one will get me to 20.  Hitting 20 is very very bad, because it gets me to a “Milestone Punishment.”  (If you have forgotten what that means, review my rules from my first post.)  Keep in mind that Milestone Punishments are accumulative, so I’ll have to do both 10th-tardy Milestone and the 20th-tardy Milestone Punishments.  That is scary.

Here’s hoping that I’ll never reach my 20th tardy.

Simeon Koh

P.S.  I made an edit to Punishment #5, which was “Donate $30 to an organization I oppose.”  Many people thought I should reconsider that, and I finally had a chance(?) to really think about that one when I got that punishment twice in a row.  In the end I ended up donating to an organization I would support, party due to a timely email from my friend about THIS.  My friend’s friends are the ones putting their business skills to invest in the future of Southwest LA.  If like me you have a soft spot in your heart for the urban poor in LA, please check it out.  Thanks.