Last time I wrote about my 1-month streak of not being late to anything.  That was awesome while it lasted.  However, all good things in life will inevitably end, much like life itself.  About 3 weeks ago I ended my streak, because gated communities suck.

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon where I was to go tutor a new student.  I got there 15 minutes early, and just chilled outside the gate, since the student lived in a gated community.  With 5 minutes to go, I dialed on the intercom to request permission to enter through the gates… except the call wasn’t going through.  I tried again and again and again and again but it just wasn’t working.  Now with 2 minutes to spare, I called the house and somehow eventually we got the gate to open up.  I rushed in like I was in Fast and the Furious, but didn’t make it of course.  With a heavy heart, I rang the doorbell and put a smile on to greet the student and his mother.

It’s frustrating when I get there 15 minutes early, but I get thwarted by a gate.  Why do we have gated communities?  It’s a very unneighborly thing to have.  It sends the message, “We hate people, so we try our best to keep them out.  Also we love to make our visitors suffer through the hassle of malfunctioning intercoms so that they will be late and thus have to punish themselves.”  I’ve had this problem with gated communities earlier this year too.  Sigh.

I was really tempted to slide myself by telling myself that I was on time to the gate, which should be the real deadline.  However a good friend called me out on my corrupt justification and pointed me towards righteousness.  The bright side is that I only do half a punishment for being late if it was not my fault.  So I only had to write sentences 125 times as opposed to 250 (#1).

Since then, I had 2 additional tardies which I take full-responsibility for.  I’m relapsing.  I’ve been really bad at doing these punishments promptly like I had planned (does that count as being late also?).  I need to go finish memorizing pg 19-2 of my TI-83 Plus instruction manual.  Good night.

Simeon Koh