“‘I will give you a name,’ he said to it, ‘and I shall call you Sting.'”

– Bilbo Baggins, from The Hobbit


It has been about 2 months, and I’m still pulling through with this New Year’s Resolution.  I haven’t been blogging about every one of my successes and failures, but I have been faithfully abiding by my punishment/reward system.

Thus far, I have been late 11 times this year (avg 0.17 tardies/day), so I’m doing not too badly.  Most of my tardies have been in the early few weeks, and it’s getting a lot easier to be on time (or early) to things.  It’s clearly becoming a new habit (yes!) and I am changing for the better.  As of right now I’m on a new record of going 3 weeks and a day without being late (I am getting those 1-wk gummy bears!).  Let’s hope I can keep it up until next Tuesday which will mark my 1 month-mark (the reward for that benchmark is 1 late pass).

So far I have gotten a total 6 bags of gummy bears.  It’s good but nothing crazy unusual.  The punishments have been more memorable.  Sor far I have done…

1.  Write “I will not be late.  I will be on time.” 250 times.  [2 times]
2.  100 pull ups (can be broken down to sets).  [0 times]
3.  200 push ups (can be broken down to sets).  [1 time]
4.  20 min plank (can be broken down to sets).  [1 time]
5.  Donate $30 to an organization I oppose.  [0 times]
6.  Eat a lemon.  [0 times]
7.  Memorize a random page out of the TI-83 manual.  [2 times]
8.  Time out – ear plugs and eye mask – sitting alone for 1 hour straight.  [1 time]
9.  The time for my next event is set to 15 min earlier.  [1 time]
10.  Run the “godzilla” hill at Schabarum park 10 times in a row.  [3 times]

The winner thus far is #10, which is a terrible one.  It’s a steep hill we used to run in high school cross country and doing it 10 times is tough.  I was (un)lucky enough to have done it 3 times.  And as a bonus, one of those 3 times was my 10th punishment, meaning I had to double that punishment (see my Milestone Punishment rules from the first post).  I couldn’t do it 20 times, so I did 2 days of 10.  Oh gosh.  I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Actually I do.  One time I made it to the top of the hill huffing and puffing, then I saw a lizard!  I got excited because I used to catch those things for research during college.  Then while I was distracted, bees/wasps stung me on the leg and on the thigh.  It somehow got trapped inside my shorts and couldn’t get out and I freaked out.  Nobody was there to see (thankfully) me pull down my shorts on top of the hill to let the bee/wasp go.  That’s what I get for being late.

Anyways, I’m kind of hoping I get to eat a lemon sometime, but we shall see.

Simeon Koh