Yesterday I was late to 2 events.  That was fast.


Tardy #1:  11 minutes late to platelets donation

I had an appointment at 10:00AM at Red Cross for platelets donation.  I wanted to run in the morning beforehand so time was tight.  The Google Maps mobile app predicted that it would take 10 minutes to get there, so I carefully crafted my morning with that in mind.  Even with the unexpected breakfast menu of fish full of bones to pick (oy Grandma!) I was going to have 5 minutes to spare.

But Google Maps suddenly said it would take me 20 minutes (I probably misread Google Maps in the morning).  What?!  I had 15 minutes to make a 20 min trip, which was impossible.  I even missed the building so I had to make a t-RNA shaped detour.

Sadness and fear crept over me as I entered at 10:11AM.  I should have planned my trip better, especially since I had never been to this place before.  I should have planned extra cushion time for the possibility of missing the parking lot.  I shouldn’t have rolled around in bed for 20 extra minutes in confidence of my plan.  Sigh.


Tardy #2:  60 seconds late to my tutoring job

This one is not my fault!  I tutor a kid in a gated community, so I use the intercom to enter.  The student’s mom didn’t answer while time kept moving nonchalantly in complete disregard for my anxiety.  By the time I got to the door I was exactly 60 seconds late.  I tried deluding myself into thinking my analog clock can be misread by 1 minute, but deep deep inside I knew I was 60 seconds late.  Sigh.

Since this wasn’t my fault, my punishment is reduced to 50%, but still I should have arrived a couple minutes to spare.  Aiming to be perfectly on time is not going to work anymore.



The two punishments determined by the random number generator was #9 (“The time for my next event is set to 15 min earlier”) and #7 (“Memorize a random page out of the TI-83 manual”).

Today, I had another student to tutor at 4PM, so I made sure to get there before 3:45PM (I got there at 3:41PM).  That wasn’t too difficult.

And I memorized 50% of pg 4-8 of my TI-83 Manual.  It goes as follows:

Exploring Parametric Graphs (continued)

Moving the trace cursor to any valid T values

To move the trace cursor to any valid T value on the current function, enter a number.  When you enter the first digit, a T= prompt and the number you entered are displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen.  You can enter an expression at the T= prompt.  The value must be valid for the current viewing window.  When you have completed the entry, press [ENTER] to move the cursor.


In summary, this resolution is going to be quite the challenge.  Pray for me.

Simeon Koh


P.S.  There are a few mistakes for the 1/2-pg memorization (second line should be capitalized like a heading; second line last word “values” should be “value”; first sentence of the paragraph penultimate word “a” should be “the”;)