Two weeks ago I went on another adventure and discovered paradise.

The initial plan was to go to the beach by myself (forever alone?) and appreciate the Pacific Ocean while reading a book.  I’ve been to Huntington/Bolsa Chica beach numerous times, thus it was going to be a pretty boring adventure, until I found Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve!

I expected it to be some super-nice facility like a zoo or an aquarium (I guess I’m too used to the industrialized life), but I found it to be a very not modern-looking small office and trails that led to nature.  What else did I need?

The first thing I encountered was a big bird-looking thing.  Thinking this was Universal Studios, I thought, “Ooh that’s a nice display at the entrance.  I should take a picture with that bird-statue.”  Then a few feet away from me the huge bird-statue flew away and left me feeling dumbfounded and dumb.  The transition from the city to nature was a bit unexpectedly unexpected.



The big bird-statue flying away. I wish I had taken a picture before it flew.

Let me just summarize by saying that this place is bird paradise.  All kinds of birds everywhere chatting in their esoteric languages, and living the bird life.  I just wish I knew more about birds so I could name these.



This bird was a model. Loved to work the camera.


A shy bird hiding from me, which failed.


This is a really cool bird. Nice red eyes.


A bird and its friend Ray.




Big bird looking out into nature.


A bird and its food, Ray Jr.


White bird.



Besides cool birds, this place is really nice to walk through.


Nature’s corn dogs.


Like a scene from a movie.


If it weren’t restricted, I would have gone down this to play with the birds.

This place reminds me that we’re supposed to be seeing these things all the time.  Mussels casually sitting there looking at you.  Echinoderms (ex. starfish) just chilling there looking spiny.  Birds flying above freely without worry of electric lines or buildings.  Is it weird that this is an unusual sight for us?



This place was really peaceful.  If you ever need to calm thyself or just want to take a walk, this is the place to be.  Entrance is free too!  It just baffles me how I’ve been to the Huntington/Bolsa Chica beach many times but just drove past this little paradise.  I don’t know about you, but “Adventure Out Here” series has been extremely fun.  I’m a tourist in my hometown, so to speak.  And that is a wonderful thing.

What are some places around you that you’ve never realized were there?  Take some time to go explore the unknown in your own neighborhood.  And let’s go together!

Simeon Koh

P.S.  Afterwards, I did go to the beach to swim and read by myself.  It felt socially abnormal, but I decided to never let my own awkwardness stop me from trying new things.