Sometimes my friend and I go bicycling past this abandoned railroad.  Maybe because of Mario Kart 64 or my subconscious suicidal desire, I have an unexplainable desire to go on railroads… Usually I don’t have the guts to do so, but this time I went to explore where the railroad ends.

Where the railroad ends

I planned to bike, but my bike had a flat tire, so I walked.  Oh how long it has been since one walked somewhere!  Oh how little I have stepped on the sidewalks made for walking on!  Oh what interesting things I saw and thought about on my long journey to where the railroad ends.

Finally after about 1.5 hrs (30 min I spent buying bicycle tube and etc.), I arrived at my destination.  This was the end of the railroad, which I couldn’t access:


And tracing back from the end of the railroad:



So I ventured off into the railroad as if I was in some video game, and found lots of suspicious things about this place:


Where the railroad leads.


I wonder what deep dark secretive things are being produced in this seemingly deserted place?


I wonder how long this Power Bar wrapper has been waiting for someone to come and snap its picture?


Very random and creepy opening on the walls of the factory/warehouse. I felt a strong desire to take a selfie in it.


An abandoned train. Who has stashed this here and why?

The train is very rusty.

The train is very rusty.


A very suspicious tank. I tried climbing up, but it was locked.


Once I got deep enough, I was almost spotted by some suspicious people!  I quickly hid between the train cars and observed these people talk among themselves suspiciously.  And while I was hiding, I noticed these strange things:



Why would somebody stick a recycling bin on the side of an abandoned train? There were multiple of these.

There was another factory to my left, with people working as well.  To get a better view, I climbed up the train, despite the dangers of exposing my location to suspicious personnels.


Is the adjacent factory affiliated with the suspicious activities?


I also found many of these weird donut corks… What purpose do they serve?


A door without a handle (but with bloodstains). No one goes in, but somebody comes out… What does this mean?


I took a deep breath and tried to open another seemingly openable door. It was locked. I will never know what happens inside.


Oh poopers! They probably know I’m here to investigate their suspicious activities! I better get out of here!


A shoe…? One shoe. No laces. No foot in it either. Hardly a factory worker footwear. Suspicious.


Somebody really needed a shave on the railroad… Why?

All my observations raised more questions than answers.  Why does this place exist?  What do they do?  Why does the railroad end here?  How to explain these artifacts scattered across this place?  Why are they so suspicious?

However, I had been spotted by the security cameras, so soon I would be attacked by hostiles with guns.  Plus, it was getting warm and I was hungry.  So I walked back home, a little more knowledgeable about this world, yet significantly more curious.  I have seen where the railroad ends, but understand neither why it ends nor where it begins.


Simeon Koh

P.S.  On my journey, I also learned that I live near a shoe central!  Who knew?  Check out all the shoe businesses I saw here.