My blog has a very loose definition of “adventure,” in case you haven’t noticed.  A typical adventure has travels, discoveries, injuries, friends, enemies, Smaug, people to save, treasures to loot, etc.  But due to various reasons (mainly financial), I can’t adventure off to the deep Amazon!  So I have thus far counted pretty much anything new-ish, interesting-ish, or challenging-ish as “adventure.”

I think there’s nothing wrong with my loose definition of adventure, but I’ve been wanting to go on actual adventures to the unknown.  Then I realized that there are a ton of places around me that I have never been to.  Everyday I drive by plazas that I’ve never set foot in.  There are weird shops that I’m uncertain what they sell.  I wonder what kind of food is served over there.  Why have I never walked on this side of this road?  This seems like a nice place to walk by sometime.  Etc.

So begins my new series:  Adventure Out Here, where I will explore things around my neighborhood.  Adventures to places significantly far away will be put in the Adventure Out There category (it was formerly known as “Travel Things”).