This is for all the men out there.


Men’s Problem

by Simeon Koh

I’m late but I gotta do something
I’m tempted to just go but
I know it’ll be beastly by the evening
Like a hobo or a grungy loser
Whichever you prefer

Wet my face and wet my razor
A dinky “disposable” 2-blade 2 weeks overdue
If I had a dime for every time I shaved
I could buy enough quality razors to-
wait.  I couldn’t

People use gels, cream, etc.
But I prefer a bar of soap, nice and simple
I make a Santa Claus and shave carefully
Avoiding pimples or razor bumps I already have
Then of course I drop some shaving
A dollop of cookies and cream in slow motion
Lands on my T-shirt and now I have
A billion hair nanoparticles stuck in there

and repeat
Every single day for the rest of my life


Simeon Koh