This is somewhat of a response I had while listening to Andy Mineo‘s song “Superhuman” in his new album Heroes for Sale.  It’s on Spotify, so check it out!  And buy his album too, because I’m a fan.


Super Human Not

by Simeon Koh

Andy Mineo says,
“I’m not a super. human.
I am just a man.”

That applies to me too,
Except I don’t have the guts
to say it.

Because in my wishful thinking
I expect the Universe and its God
to bend towards me.

I say,
“I’m a super. human.
Look how awesome I am!”

A wish, a dream
An impossibility, and a mirage.
What delusional fool!

How does this make Andy
more super
and me, less than just?


Simeon Koh