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by Simeon Koh

Have you ever gotten teary-eyed thinking about your family?
Not because they were sick or gone
But because you were happy with them?

Have you ever prayed to God for your future family to be just like the one you have?
Not because they’re perfect
But because of all you’ve gone through together?

Have you ever felt grateful towards Nintendo?
Not because you love playing Legend of Zelda
But because your parents play Wii Sports with you?

Have you ever had a strong desire to take them out to a nice restaurant?
Not because you wanted to celebrate anybody’s birthday
But because you just want to feed them delicious things?

Have you once wanted to be as tall as your dad?
Not because he was the tallest man or the strongest
But because he was all that you had to look up to?

Have you fond memories of a chicken burger sandwich?
Not because of its taste
But because your mom bought you one once when you were small?

But have you noticed your dad’s white hair?
Not just because he’s older
But because providing for a family takes its toll?

And have you sat next to the dentist
Not because he treated your teeth, but your mom’s?
Because all these years the only money she’s ever spent on a dentist was for her children?

Have you ever thought your parents beautiful?
Not because it’s true
But because they can love a parasite like me?


Simeon Koh

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