I did it!  It’s over!  Now I guess I’m almost obligated to post a before/after photo…  It’s weird posting up a half-naked photo of yourself on the internet, but I guess it’s not anything you wouldn’t see if I’m at the beach.  Whatever.  If for some strange reason the public wants to see my half-nudity (although there are countless more attractive males on the internet), let them indulge in Simeon voyeurism!


What an invisible transformation!  Left is before and right is after, but they’re practically the same.  If you look really really really closely, you can tell that the after picture looks very subtly slimmer, but that’s about it.

In desperate attempt to redeem myself, here’s another picture.  This is today’s picture from an angle, which may or may not show a somewhat better contour of my torso (maybe my face makes it a more redeeming view than the angle does).  I don’t have a side view from before, so… uh… you just have to trust me that my flab has decreased?

Day 92b


Hmm… have I wasted the last three months of my life?  I haven’t followed a strict diet, so you can’t see my abs developing (although you could… touch them if you press through the fat…?).  I also used resistance bands rather than weights, which supposedly aren’t as good for building muscle.  I also missed about 10% of the workouts (hehe).

Here are body measurements that P90X told me to measure before and after.

Table 1.  Body Measurements

  Before After
Body Fat Percentage 20.0 % 17.5 %
Weight 160 lbs 155 lbs
Chest 37.5 in 37.5 in
Waist 34.5 in 33 in
Hips 34 in 33.25 in
Right Thigh*
22 in 22 in
Left Thigh*
22 in 22 in
Right Arm* (flexed) 13 in 13.25 in
Left Arm* (flexed) 13 in 13.25 in

(* The thigh and arm measurements were taken as circumference of their cross sections at midpoint.)

I kind of wish I had standard errors or at least estimated uncertainties on these data, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyways, it seems that I lost some weight, but that’s about it…

… the end? …

But what if the real transformation actually is invisible?


Here’s data from the P90X before/after fit test.

Table 2.  Fit Test

  Before After
Resting Heart Rate 55 bpm 51 bpm
Pull Ups 7 14
Push Ups 54 85
Toe Touch (beyond toes) 3.5 in 3.5 in
Wall Squat (min:sec) 1:28 4:30
In & Outs* 40 (could do more) 50 (could do more) w/ 5 lb ankle weights
Heart Rate Maximizer** 154, 125, 128, 118, 123 152, 140, 127, 121, 125

(* No I didn’t eat 40 or 50 burgers.  It’s what this guy is doing.  ** You do jumping jacks for 2 minutes super fast and then take your heart rate (bpm) at t=0 min (after finish), t=1, t=2, t=3, and t=4.)

Despite lack of change in visible/measurable physique, I somehow managed to double my pull ups, one-point-five my push ups, and triple my wall squat.

Let’s put it another way.  The picture doesn’t show:

total 100+ hours of exercise,

total 854 pull ups,

total 1504+ push ups, and

confidence that I could do it again.

Maybe so far the transformation has been invisible.  I don’t think it’s zero transformation; it’s just subtle (and so is the price increase at in In-N-Out, onset of cancer, or depreciation of one’s morals).  Perhaps after a series of subtle changes, the transformation will one day be visible.

What’s important is that slowly but surely, like a turtle, I’ll be getting stronger and better until I’m near the top fitness of my age group (I estimate it’ll be when most men get fat and unattractive).



Now that I’m done with P90X, what next?

Simeon Koh

P.S.  I thought of representing the numbers as “6000+ minutes of exercise” or “360,000+ seconds of exercise” for dramatization, but decided against it.