The hard work is almost over!  I just need to finish off Phase 3 of P90X with 1 week of recovery workouts.  The end is near!


Today I want to talk about diet.  My diet is healthy enough for a normal person, but I don’t fear the second helpings if good food is abundantly available.  Many people point out that I need a strict diet to see the full effects of P90X.  I am well-aware of that, but I just don’t really care.

I’m not saying that having a super fitness-model body isn’t desirable.  If I did, then life would be wonderful!  I would be super hot, this P90X experience would be more epic, I would be super hot, and next week’s post would probably get a whole lot of views.  Unfortunately, going on a strict diet is a very inconvenient, if not miserable, thing to do.  Since I don’t plan on applying for a modeling job (unless it involves mathematics) anytime soon, I didn’t think it worth the effort.

As a devout Korean, I need rice.  But Men’s Health magazine and such are always telling me to cut back on carbohydrates to lose fat.  That’s not going to happen.  Moreover, most diet guides are very…. not Korean.  I don’t want to live on non-Korean food just to look super hot.

Plus, my grandmother’s life purpose seems to be feeding the family, especially me.  To say, “Nope, Grandmama.  I’m not eating any of your food because I’m doing P90X and I want to lose as much weight as possible,” would be a slap in her face.  I don’t want to be the odd family member that chooses to carve himself out of the Koh family meals because looking super hot is more important than sharing food with the family.

I think if I decided to, it is not implausible for me to diet for 90 days, just for the experience of becoming super hot.  But it’s never ever going to be a long-term lifestyle change I’m going to make.  In short, while I respect people who choose strict diets for good reasons, I have no good reason for dieting.


So why not look at it this way?  Because I’m exercising, I can eat whatever the heck I want (as long as I eat my necessary vegetables and such)!  If I made a lot of money, I wouldn’t fear making expensive purchases.  Similarly, since I’m burning lots of calories, I do not fear pizza, fried chicken, or Carl’s Jr.!  People often say they feel “guilty” for eating sweets or fattening food.  Not me!  Victory.

Simeon Koh