To make up for my laziness of last week I was diligent this week.  I stayed up past 1AM doing Yoga X on Thursday; and when I missed Friday’s workout (I fell asleep at 7:30PM reading), I did a double workout on Saturday to catch up.  What a successful week for once!


The benefits of working out include getting stronger.  However, this happens after you break down your muscles and such.  Consequently, there is a fine line between getting stronger and getting hurt.

Last Monday while doing some fancy pancy variation of pushups I felt pain in my left elbow, and this wasn’t the good kind.  Either my form had been bad, or the previous 10 weeks of working out was catching up to my poor elbow.  Contrary to my wishful thinking, I’m not superman.  Oops.

So what could I do?  I was only 1/4 of the way through the chest-shoulders-triceps workout routine, and I had a plethora of left-elbow-straining exercises coming my way.  I thought about stopping the workout, because that would have been awesome.  However, knowing my bad-assery, you might have guessed that I totally kept going like a beast and did one-arm pushups and lifts all throughout the workout… except then you’d be wrong.

It’s true that I did decide to keep going… but with less intensity.  I could still do the workouts as long as I didn’t dip down super low in my pushups, or bend my left elbow all the way.  By working out with tender loving care, I was able to complete the workout without furthering the damage.  And I learned that like life, not everything has to be gloriously perfect.  Sometimes, you do the best with the sub-par circumstances.

Simeon Koh