I am slowly but surely inching my way towards finishing P90X.  I have completed 70 days, and only 3 weeks to go.  As good as it has been to exercise everyday, I can’t wait until it’s over!

On a more depressing note, I missed a record of 2 workouts this past week.  One day I missed because I donated blood, so that’s somewhat a legitimate excuse (although I could have fit it into my schedule before donation), but the other one I missed because of pure lack of action.

When I missed Friday’s workout due to my lack of planning, I decided I was going to bed early, make it up on Saturday morning, and do the Saturday’s work out at night.  Of course, that did not happen.  Here is what happened instead:

I set the alarm for 4:45AM so I could complete the work out, shower, eat a quick breakfast, then leave the house for my hospital volunteer shift by 7.  I woke up at 4:45AM alright, but had another Smeagol-Gollum moment.

Let's Do P90X! (Week 2 of 13)


Smeagol:  “We must get up, Preciouss.”

Gollum:  “But we have no strengths!  We needs sleep!”

Smeagol:  “Yes, but P90X must be done!  It’s our fault for not exercising yessterday!”

Gollum:  “It’s only 4:45AM.  We have 15 minuteses before it gets to 5AM.  Let us think.. yess… let us think more about thiss, Precious.  Yess..”

Smeagol:  “Okay, then.  Let us think carefully….”

* We enters half-asleep state, with the phone (alarm clock) tightly in our grips.  We keeps dreaming of the alarm ringing at 5AM and wakes up!  We quickly realizes that we was dreaming, and returns to thinking about thinking.  We enters and exits multiple levels of dream within a dream inceptions until 5AM happens in real life…

Smeagol:  “Okay, it is 5 o’ clock.  Are we finished thinking?  We must get up!  It’s now or never.”

Gollum:  “It’s never.”

Smeagol:  “… But wouldn’t we be so ashamed?!?!?!  We already has missed a workout this week.  We cannot miss two?!”

Gollum:  “Do we knows what to blog about this week?  Nothing interesting!  If we exercise like according to plans, we will have nothings!  A bunch of NOTHINGS to blogs about!  But if we FAIL to workout, we will have somethings to blogs about.”

Smeagol:  “What is a nothings?!  Isn’t a nothings a something?”

Gollum:  “And if we looks at the time, it’s already 5:15AM!  Practically 5:30!  If we workout now and shower as fasst as possible we might still be late to our hosssspital volunteer!  And we don’t want to be late, do we, Precioussss?”

Smeagol: “. . .”


Just like that, Gollum won this time, and I missed my second workout of that week.  Sigh.  Hopefully I can keep myself from laziness for the next 3 weeks.

Simeon Koh