I fear that some people would initially interpret this poem to be sexist or disempowering towards women.  I assure you this is not, and I hope it’s not too difficult to figure out!



by Simeon Koh

A woman born into hibernation
Then born again with high hopes
Born onto a blood-stained world

Halfway through I saw a flood of LigHt
Saw that I needed to break out
Of all that surrounded me and grew me

The world swept me along
Encouraging me to keep moving
To a place where I could be more than I was now

I imagined that he would find me
And my brain fuse with his
Before a million others could

So I waited
But time was running out
And my P&E support wearing thin

I dreamed I would be different
From the countless who’ve gone before me
But I add to the regular bloodshed
With this gun I vanish into nothingness


Simeon Koh

P.S.  If you’ve figured it out, I apologize for weirding you out.  And if you really can’t figure out what this poem was about, you might want to click on this link for spoilers.