I am now 63/91 through P90X.  Less than a month left and I’ll be done!

Week 9 was the beginning of Phase 3, which combines routines from Phase 1 and 2 together into a 5-week combo:

Weeks 9 & 10:  Phase 1 routine
Weeks 11 & 12:  Phase 2 routine
Week 13:  Recovery routine

So this past week I was back to Phase 1 routine, which was difficult since I hadn’t done some of those exercises for 4 weeks.  I also decided to upgrade the intensity level for the Ab Ripper X exercise with 5-lb ankle weights per leg (I had used 1-lb weights during Phase 2); that was probably too much, but it provides the insane level of challenge.

I also confess that I missed 1.5 workouts this week.  I missed Yoga X because of a hectic week that led me to choose my priorities, and I missed half of Legs & Back because some emergency situation came up halfway through my workout.  It was a significant setback this week, but I’ll just have to keep going the best I could.

Interesting observation of the week:  normal people never look good when working out.  Fitness models lie when they smile and have perfect form and hair while being photographed during exercise demonstrations.  In case anybody imagined me to look good in any way doing P90X, allow me to prove you wrong.

This is how I look after a typical P90X workout (WARNING:  The following image may not be suitable for people with heart problems, or for pregnant women):

Day 58

Hardly flattering right?

Just saying, that photo is the best one out of the few I’ve taken.  I just couldn’t bring myself to post the other ones.

Anyways, my point is that in life, you must be willing to look ugly many many times in order to look good once.  The only reason athletes/artists/[insert role model here] on TV look good during their exercise/performance/[insert applicable action here] is because they’ve had years and years of practice looking ugly.  We just don’t see that.

Here’s to looking a bit ugly again tomorrow.

Simeon Koh