You would think that I would be super buff and lean by now.  After all, it has been 49 days of intense physical activity.  However, I’ve lost only about 2 lbs (160 lbs -> 158 lbs) and I don’t notice significant changes in my physique.  Part of the reason is because I’m not supplementing my workouts with a strict diet.  I don’t eat unhealthily, but I do eat just about whatever I want.  I’m also not a very big person to begin with, so maybe that means I have a long way to go if I want to increase muscle mass.

Then have my 7 weeks been in vain?  I don’t think so.  I didn’t really start P90X with the intention of getting a model-status body.  Yeah I often wish my love handles around my belly would vaporize, or that my forearms would be as massive as Nick’s.  But really, I think I’m a relatively healthy and fit person.  Honestly, there are much more important issues in life than my bodily charms.

However, I’m seeing significant improvements in strength.  I can now do 10 pull ups, which is a 250% improvement from the 4 that I could do 2 months ago.  Ninety seconds of wall squats are easy now.  I can complete Ab Ripper X with 1 lb weights on each ankle.

In fact, I’m perfectly where I’m expected to be.  I remember my physiology professor saying that the first 6-7 weeks of working out mainly increases muscle recruitment (you can activate your muscles better), but significant muscle growth occurs after that 6-7 week period.  So of course I would be stronger but not have much change in size.

In my situation it’s easy to get disappointed by the lack of results.  But if my professor is correct, and the not-at-all-controversial idea that exercise leads to physical improvements is still true, then the fruits of my labor are just around the corner.  Watch me keep going.

Simeon Koh