A late post once again, but not too late.


I Wish Life Were…

by Simeon Koh

I wish life were easier
So I could get whatever I want at will

I wish I could eat fried chicken
Without getting fat

I wish the world were fair
Where no one is cheated and everyone gets what he deserves

I wish I were a bit taller
So I could reach for higher things in life

I wish love were simple
One woman to fall in love with

I wish children had fathers
To show them what a man should be

I wish I were young again
Relive my days of childish innocence

I wish God were visible
So my faith would always know who to follow

I wish I were invincible
Then I would fight battles through the worst of pain

I wish I were less greedy
And just be content with what I’m blessed with

Yet I wish I wanted these things a bit more
Enough to actually do something about them

I wish.


Simeon Koh