Here is my late double wombo-combo poetry post.  Sorry about slacking off on these.

Poetry #5:

Valentine’s Day

by Simeon Koh

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Since I was a kid
I had always loved you


Poetry #6:


by Simeon Koh

Always on the run
Adrenaline all over the body
Faster than a bullet from a gun

Oh, an old man smelling the roses while walking his cat!
Trample on the flowers, and the old man too
‘Cuz in my world, ain’t nobody got time for that

When the lights stop me in my cart
All I see is red
Unleashing my fury at the world silently in my heart

Google Maps on my phone predicts I’ll be 2 minutes late
But I’m stubbornly and very so wrongly unconvinced
That technology can’t accurately predict my fate

So I stumble in 2 minutes past my due time
With high blood pressure and bitterness towards Google
And in my world, dead roses and aged carcasses are a dozen a dime


I figured it’s Valentine’s Day so I’m almost obligated to do a Roses red Violets blue  poem.  And it’s a bad habit of mine to be 2 minutes late to things, so I thought I’d write about that (and no I don’t really run over flowers and the elderly).

Simeon Koh

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