I want to acknowledge Lindsey, Lydia, Jesse, Ha Seong, Adam, Mrs. Young, and DK for inspiration behind this poem.


A Poet in the Woods

by Simeon Koh

A little poet was strolling in the woods
Because writing he no more could
He came across a sign that read
“Heteroskedasticity-robust standard errors, just around the riverbed”
But he went the other way, just to be a brat
For he had no interest in such a thing as that

For a half an hour this poet walked
Until he found a box that had his path blocked
“You shall not pass!” the box seemed to say
And it wouldn’t budge an inch when our poet tried to push it away
The sun was setting, and with the darkness crept a little fear
That our little poet had nowhere to go but here

“This sucker must be full of heavy stuff
Like mercury, yo mama, and deep-fried cream puffs
Then if I take some of them out, of course
I can push it out of my way using less force!”
But what he found inside were surprisingly
An infinite supply of broccoli!

“Oh gee, I love broccoli!” he said euphorically
“Broccoli is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh,” said he metaphorically
Now normally our little poet was appetite-less
Because of his long-term struggle with hepatitis
But suddenly he had the desire to eat voraciously
To battle his circumstances courageously

But the unfortunate truth about infinity is
That the limit simply does not exist
He was fighting a losing battle
Like a blade of grass against a herd of cattle
While broccoli in your diet can make you lean
Too much at once can make you green

Our little poet was puking in the woods
Because eating he no more could
He was crying next to the box that said
“Ha Seong Kim, now you are well-fed”
Ha Seong crawled back home and on his chair he sat
And a writer’s block was gone just like that


Simeon Koh

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