I’m now done with Week 3 of the P90X program!  The workouts are better because 1) I’m getting stronger, and 2) I know I can do them because I did them on Weeks 1 and 2!

However, a new challenge came up this week:  lack of time.


Problem 1:  Monday was a holiday.

I love Martin Luther King Jr., both for what he did during the Civil Right movement, and giving us a day off.  However, a day off meant my dad was home all day, which meant I was constantly bombarded with his questions, nagging, requests, etc.  I spent the day helping him with his new smartphone and dealing with loads of issues that came with him changing his cell phone plan.  So instead of working out in the morning, I had to do it at night… and this deviation from the routine threw me off the whole week.

Problem 2:  I am suddenly busy.

It’s been a long time since I was busy, but this week I suddenly found myself with job training, studying for SAT critical reading, MCAT school (+hw), Livescan for volunteering at a hospital, etc.  It probably doesn’t make me busier than most people, but jumping from being super free to suddenly having to fit in a variety of new things to my schedule was chaotic.  And because Monday had thrown off all my tasks, on Tuesday I was busy from waking until 9:30PM, and I was too tired to fit in my workout.  So I skipped that day, naively thinking I would make it up by doing 2 workouts on Wednesday…

Problem 3:  A schedule thrown off is hard to piece back together.

It’s hard enough fitting an hour and a half of a workout into a day’s schedule.  So of course two workouts in a day weren’t going to happen.  All I could do was not fall behind any further.  This meant that on Friday from 11:30PM to 1AM I was doing Yoga X in my room like a ninja, trying to not wake my grandparents in the adjacent room.


In the end, I ended up taking out Kenpo X out of this week’s workout.  I could have shifted everything back a day to not miss a workout… but that would throw off my schedule even more (I had strategically placed the rest/stretch day on Sunday).

This week’s chaos taught me two things.  Firstly, P90X isn’t a top priority in my life.  Yes, fitness (and blogging about it) is important , but I shouldn’t skip MCAT studying just to fit in a workout.  Secondly, I need to schedule my life a bit more compactly now.  I can’t be on Facebook 25/7 or taking random naps anytime I want anymore (sigh).  If I’m not careful with these 2 lessons, I can easily spread myself out too thin and my vectors of productivity will cancel each other out.

It’s funny how when I had so much free time, I prayed for work… and now that I’m busy, I pray for free time.  How weak and fragile is my ability to handle life.

Simeon Koh