Recall from last time that I began a rigorous fitness training program dubbed P90X.  Fortunately, I’ve been keeping up with it for Week 2, and I’ll just give a brief update.

The training schedule is exactly the same as Week 1.
Monday: Chest&Back+AbRipperX.
Tuesday:  Plyometrics.
Wednesday:  Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper XThursday:  Yoga X.Friday: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X.
Saturday:  Kenpo X.
Sunday:  Stretch X.

Week 2 was easier in some areas and harder in others.  During Week 1, I was dying Mon-Weds and got back alive for Thurs-Sat.  However, this time I was feeling really good for Mon-Thurs, and dying for Fri-now.  Maybe it’s just random body conditions, maybe it’s just the stresses of the workouts building up.  But it’s getting tough to keep going at it.  The novelty of everything is wearing off, and I’m not as fresh and ready for pain as I was in Week 1…

On Friday, as I was doing Legs & Back (which is actually a workout I can keep up with pretty well), I had a moment of, “Why am I doing this?”  I was having a Smeagol-Gollum moment.

Gollum:  “Why are we doing thissss?”

Smeagol:  “Because we likes to do it for the fitnesses!”

Gollum “But we don’t cares abouts the overbulging muscleses or super-power strengths!  We just want to keep moderately healthy, preciouss.”

Smeagol:  “Yes.  I guess you’re right.  We just wants to be healthy.”

Gollum:  “But we are!!!  We are totes healthy, gollum gollum.  We not fat like the Hobbitses and we not stick-thin either.  We eat enough vegetables and we eat a lot of FISH!!!  Juicy little omega-3s….  Why don’t we do something more moderate?  Not as intense?”

Smeagol:  “But… but… but we must blog!!  Yess, that’s it.  We needs to P90X because we have to blog about it!”

Gollum:  “Grrrrr…. gollum gollum.”

Now, it didn’t go literally like that (I’m sane, I swear)… but I think you get the idea.  I’m about 16% through the program, and my motivation is suffering.  But I finish what I start, no matter how unsightly I may look while getting it done.

Simeon Koh