I recently got hired as an SAT tutor, and part of the training process is that I score above the 95th percentile in each of the 3 sections of the SAT.  My SAT score from high school satisfies the requirement for Math and Writing, but my Critical Reading score is just a little bittle bit too low.  So I have to study for Critical Reading and test for it… which means I have been studying SAT vocabulary words again…

Naturally, for this week’s poetry I thought it would interesting to incorporate as many SAT vocab words as possible.  I have mastered a set of 300 vocab words from Barron’s SAT I WordMaster Level 1, but I quickly realized using all 300 words would be too much, even for me.  So I randomly chose 27 of them, and incorporated them into a 3-SATwords, 3-lines, 3-stanzas poem.  Probably some of the words aren’t used very correctly, but I did my best.

WARNING:  Please believe me when I say that I love children.  I really do!  It’s just when a poet locks himself into using 3 SAT words per line, there is not much he can do except say things he doesn’t mean.  Take it as art, not truth.


How SAT Vocabulary Words Make Poetry

by Simeon Koh

Intermittent seclusion of children is innocuous.
Fallaciously mitigating our right to abhor these creatures is surely wrong!
I use no hyperbole when I call for love and care to be superseded by violence that is gratuitous.

Disgusted by your lackluster poems on the little devils, long since have I turned renegade from your augmented morals.
Ludicrous adherence to such noble ideas have turned your vitreous humor opaque to the point you withhold every well-deserved censure.
Does no one concur that we must regularly peruse the once-so-pervasive user’s guide to the paddle?

Rebuff your provincial principles, and trust my premonition:
There will come a day when all childhood memories will be abridged to merely failing attempts at alleviating one’s antipathy towards life.
Let all people belie our love for the youth and bolster the pillar of eternal chiding!



Simeon Koh