This is an artsy adventure, proposed by Michelle Tu, to whom I dedicate this project.  The task was to make a self-portrait a day in different ways for a week.

Self Portrait 1:  Photograph

If I were an expert photographer something cool could have happened, but this ended up as a simple photo of my face, and nothing much else.


Self Portrait 2:  Left Handed Pencil Drawing


I was actually quite surprised at how this turned out.  I’ve never really drawn a serious self portrait, let alone do it with my left hand!  I was expecting it to turn out like this, but it actually almost looks like me!


Self Portrait 3: Soap Sculpture

My mom suggested the idea of making a sculpture out of soap.  I’ve never sculpted anything before in my life, so I had no idea how to go about doing this.  I just took a push pin, a paper clip, and a letter opener and started digging.  It worked out.


Self Portrait 4: Notepad Txt

I’ve always wanted to draw something on the computer like this.  This was my first time, and it took me about 2.5 hrs.  The lips and chin were the hardest parts, but in general this was a fun and rewarding project.  You can check out the actual .txt file here (right click and save to your computer).


Self Portrait 5: Random Color Face

So far all my self portraits were lacking in color, so I wanted to try something with more colors.  I wanted to try something weird, and indeed it turned out very strange…  I used a random number generator to dictate which color from my 16-color Crayola box would draw each part of the face.  It was quite saddening when fate told me to draw my eye white, and then again my hair white…  Here are the colors I used:

Face:  Carnation pink
Glasses:  Orange
Nose:  Blue violet
Mouth:  Yellow green
Eye (L):  White
Eye (R):  Red violet
Eyebrow (L):  Black
Eyebrow (R):  Blue green
Hair:  White
Ear (L):  Black
Ear (R):  Red
Background:  Blue


Self Portrait 6: Right Handed Pencil Drawing

In contrast with Self Portrait 2, it’s done by my right hand, and thus the lines are neater and more controlled.  But somehow I feel like it looks less like me than Self Portrait 2…  Interesting.


Self Portrait 7: Mosaic

This piece took me back to elementary school.  Interestingly, I was looking for more colors, and I found colored paper that were calling to be ripped up and pasted in my image.  In retrospect, I could have played around with the sizes of the pieces to add various effects (like near/far?), but unfortunately that idea came too late.


Anyways, this week I explored my artful side, much of which I didn’t know I had.  My typical drawing style is very much cartoon-ish, and thus these were outside my artistic experience.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  Please feel free to let me know which you find best/worst/interesting/etc!

Simeon Koh