The first tennis game I ever lost was, of course, the first tennis game I ever played.  Growing up, I never learned how to play tennis, and never had a desire to.  As a general rule, I’m really bad with things that involve balls, especially if they travel in projectile motions.

But the spirit of adventure is fighting to do things that you’re bad at, so that you’re a little bit less painful to watch.  So when my friend Aaron (live octopus idea guy) suggested that we play tennis, I said, “Sure, if you can teach me.”  Granted, he’s not good either, but at least he can hit the ball with non-negligible degree of accuracy.

Tennis is pretty hard, but not as hard as I expected.  After an hour or so I could kind of predict where the ball would land/bounce and thus position myself to hit it.  Hitting it to where I want it to go is a whole new species of a beast, but I’m getting better.  My back hand hits have gone from horrific to just terrible.

I’ve had 3 or 4 tennis sessions so far, and I’m enjoying them a lot.  Of course, we’re mostly just hitting the ball back and forth, with little regards to rules or inside/outside of the court, but the free spirit is having fun.  We even attempted a somewhat real game, which I already said I lost.

A random but important observation:  I noticed that my forearms were sore after the first day.  Was tennis the secret to Nick Hill’s beastly forearms?

In conclusion, by dipping my toes into the unknown realm of tennis, I’ve already burned quite a few calories, gotten an attractive(subjective) tan, raised my eye-to-hand coordination to non-zero levels, secreted lots of endorphins, and began the journey of obtaining beastly forearms like those protruding from Nick Hill’s body.

Simeon Koh