Sorry again for a late post.  Last night I was busy helping my mom with some stuff.

At any rate, yesterday’s assignment was to take the marine corps fitness test, which involves pull ups, crunches, and a 3-mile run.

3-mile run

I went to my high school track and ran 12 laps, which is about 3 miles, and I finished at 25:29, which means I averaged about 8:30 per mile.  I was hoping to get under 25 minutes, but I failed.  It was a lot slower than what I used to run in high school, and I was a bit disappointed in myself for deteriorating from my younger days.  Maybe if Coach Fessenden were watching me and telling me to run faster, I would have done a tiny bit better.  But I guess it’s good that I’m in decent enough shape to run 3 miles without a problem.


I managed to do 86 crunches, which was actually quite surprising.  By 30, I was getting tired; by 50-something my form started to compensate a little bit, and at 86 I decided what I was doing was no longer legit crunches.  I haven’t done crunches in a long time because nowadays all the fitness trends say to not do crunches and do all these other exercises instead.  But I guess it’s not wrong to do them as long as you do them right and it’s not the only ab exercises you do.

Pull ups

I did 5 pull ups, which is an improvement from this past summer when I could only do 3.  I don’t really know how I got stronger since summer, since I haven’t been doing that many pull ups on a regular basis, but it’s cool I guess.  I consider the pull up to be my weakness (…or one of my many physical weaknesses) so I’ll try to work on that more.  It was on my bucket list that I’ll be able to do 25 pull ups someday before I die.


So according to the chart on the Art of Manliness website, here’s where I scored:

~25:30 for 3-mile run:  55 pts
86 crunches:  86 pts
5 pull ups:  25 pts

Total:  166 pts, which for my age group (17-26) puts me in 3rd class.  With just a little bit more work I can probably get to 2nd class (above 175 pts).  Maybe I’ll even go for 1st class someday… maybe…

Watch me accomplish some greatness.

Simeon Koh