This post is a day late, because last night I was too busy doing this assignment, which carried over until pretty late at night/early in the morning.

Yesterday evening I went to Knott’s Scary Farm with my friends Shannon, Kayla, James, Jessica, Christina, Justin, and Edward.  I was initially reluctant to go, because it was already going to be a hectic day (my cousin Monica got married yesterday) and I don’t enjoy being scared (especially when I have to pay about $50 to do so).  However, it was this very reluctance to play that my assignment called me to fight, and thus I ventured to play at Knott’s Scary Farm!

I didn’t even try to pretend like I wasn’t scared, because I was scared indeed.  Besides, the whole point of going to Knott’s Scary Farm is to get scared.  When you’re walking and low-level-sweating through a dark maze and the actors jump out at you, it’s hard to not get scared.  Thank goodness we went together as a group; nothing would be scarier than being in that kind of a place alone.

At any rate, after about 6 hours there we were all really tired, sleepy, hungry.  Moreover, we became rather desensitized to all the terror that we weren’t scared about getting scared (meaning I still got scared when actors jumped at me, but I was no longer tense at the thought of getting scared suddenly).  So at around 2 AM we went to eat at Norms and create more shenanigans, which was cray-cray but necessary.  We got back at about 4 AM, and I slept little before 5.


In the end, I slept only 4 hours last night, and spent more money than I would have liked.  But I had a lot of fun with friends worth having and made memories worth making.  Moreover, I learned a very important lesson from playing.  Since I finished college, I decided I wasn’t a kid anymore and therefore needed to act like a mature grown-up I wanted to be.  However, this somehow put certain limitations on what I could do and should do.  I have been telling myself that I was to sleep 8 hrs at a regular schedule, that I was to keep better track of my spendings, that I was supposed to “play” a certain way, etc.  Last night broke all of that, and I felt like a teenager again, with which came this feeling that there were no limits to what I could do.

It was strangely good to feel the pain in my feet, mentally fatigued from staying up late, and wondering why the heck I was at Norms eating steak and shrimp at 3 AM.  A big thanks to my friends who invited me into this crazy adventure.

Still young.  Still got it.

Simeon Koh