Today’s Art of Manliness assignment was to improve my posture by sitting and standing straight, which I did.

Again, I can’t say much interesting things about this because I just had to consciously correct my posture whenever I was able to catch myself.  It actually wasn’t that hard because I was napping for a portion of the day.

As with all boring Art of Manliness posts, let me at least write a poem for you who clicked on some buttons to get here.


Veins popping out of his neck

Effortfully contracting his non-existing abs

Reaching out for the empty air in front to gain momentum

Teeth grinding like Klatch coffee does all day everyday

Excruciating pain along his whole body from the forehead to the butt cracks

But he can’t get out of the couch, no matter how hard he tries

Regretting his life choices

After years of neglecting his spine.


Simeon Koh