Today (technically yesterday) the Art of Manliness assignment was to write a letter to my father, telling him how much I appreciate him.  As suggested by the website, I made up a list of things that I have learned from my dad.  I guess I never realized how much of who I am today was directly from his teachings.  I won’t give the letter to my dad just yet; it’s my birthday in about 2 weeks and I think that’ll be a good day to give it to him (and I’ll write another one for my mom too).

So here are the top 11 things I learned from my dad:

  1. Act of praying consistently about everything.
  2. Spirit of sacrifice for the family.
  3. How to drive.
  4. Various home improvements and repairs skills.
  5. Middle school math.
  6. How to shave (which I use everyday).
  7. Getting in the habit of reading the Bible daily.
  8. Importance of listening to Mom.
  9. Mindset of creating new flavors with food.
  10. The importance of cleaning.
  11. The importance of a father figure in a person’s life.

It’s late at night, so I’ll make this post a short one.  But just know that, as weird as he is, I love my dad.  Without him I wouldn’t be this awesome man that I am, so I owe him everything.  Even though my dad is not without fault and shortcomings, I wouldn’t trade him for any other man in the world, because he is my dad; not yours (unless you’re reading this, Hanna) and not any one else’s, but mine.

Someday I hope my progeny would say the same of me.

Simeon Koh