“Is this in my head?  I don’t know what to think.”

-T. Swift, in Love Story


Somebody told me that Klatch Coffee sells good coffee.  Since today’s Art of Manliness post was going to be pretty uneventful, I thought I might find adventure elsewhere.

I don’t drink coffee unless the going gets tough and I need to work until the night is no longer young.  I think it’s because growing up, I was told that drinking coffee in your youth will make you dumb and stunt your growth (well, that didn’t work out anyways…).  Consequently, I never got in the habit of drinking coffee.

So I thought it’d be a worthy adventure to start dipping my feet in different kinds of coffee (despite the dangers of burning my feet).  Besides, Voltaire used to drink 50 cups of coffee every day.  If I want to write as well as he did, I should definitely start chugging this stuff.


So like a dedicated camper, I drove a whopping 15.8 miles to get a cup of coffee (and 15.8 miles back when gasoline is currently $4.59/gal).  Why?  Because adventure is out there!!!

But since I know nothing about coffee, I took my coffee-phile friend Elfego Martinez.  I figured that if I drink coffee, I’d probably say with absolute zero emotions, “Mmm, it tastes like coffee,” and the blog post would end.  But this guy would probably have something more credible and interesting to say.

So we got there and I ordered 2 cups of “Drips of the Day”, which happened to be Colombian Narino Samaniego, whatever that means.  As expected, I thought, with absolute zero emotions, “Mmm, it tastes like coffee.”  In contrast, my friend was like, “Wow, this is really good,” which is more interesting (although arguably my comment contains more objective truth).  Over the course of our time at Klatch Coffee, he described to me how he tastes the citrus fruitiness (who knew that technology can fruity-up coffee beans?), and other things that I didn’t understand.  Much to his disbelief, all I could taste was coffee.

However, about halfway through the cup, I started noticing that the coffee felt a teeny-tiny bit more acidic(?) than what I’m used to (I think normal coffee is already pretty acidic, so probably acidic isn’t the right word).  Then towards the end I think I started tasting the “citrus fruitiness” of the coffee.  Perhaps my taste buds for coffee developed during my time at Klatch, or … maybe I was just tasting what I wanted to taste (refer to T. Swift quote above).

Anyways, according to my friend Elfego Martinez, Klatch Coffee is as good as they say, and the 12-oz “Drip of the Day” (which was the cheapest thing on the menu) was $1.90 each, with free sugar and cream (what a deal!).  I probably won’t drink this stuff 50 times a day, and I probably won’t ever write like Voltaire either.


Simeon Koh

P.S.  It is important to remember that drinking coffee inhibits the production of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), thus making the consumer to expel liquid waste more frequently than is perhaps desired.