Today’s Art of Manliness assignment was to declutter my life.  This was also pretty easy, since I’ve already decluttered most of my life since end of college.  And as a developing minimalist, I gave away a lot of my old clothes and books, and organized/filtered all my work from college.  Moreover, with a lot of time on my hands, I’ve done a good job keeping my room neat and clean.

The only things I need to get out of my room are these 2 female articles of clothing.

1.  Medium women’s polo with Harvey Mudd College logo.

Sophomore year, I received a shirt to wear when I was guiding some board members get from one place to another.  I thought it was weird how tight-fitting the shirt was, and later realized that they had given me a women’s shirt.  So this has been hanging in my closet for over 2 years now, despite my various attempts at giving it away.  At one point I even successfully gave it to a female friend who was at my house, but alas she forgot to take it home with her and never came by my house again.  So if you are a medium-sized gal who wants a free Harvey Mudd shirt, please let’s figure out a time and place to hang out, after which I can hand you this shirt.

2.  Tiny women’s hoodie.

I picked this up on the last day of LAUP when I was cleaning up Dennis Ortega’s church, after everybody had left…  I had no way of finding the person who had left this, so it’s been with me ever since… If you are the owner of this hoodie, or you are a tiny woman who just wants it, let me know and we can hang out, after which I can hand you this hoodie.  Teddy bear not included.


Other than that, I actually didn’t have much to do today for this.  I thought maybe I should post some pictures of my organized room.

Simeon Koh