Today’s Art of Manliness assignment was to create my bucket list, which pretty much aligns with the whole philosophy of this blog.  Written below is my bucket list, in the order that they appeared in my thoughts, with emphasis added on certain awesome things.  Some are easy, others are hard; some are pretty petty, others are pretty grand.  I don’t know how many I’ll be able to cross off before I kick the bucket, but I want to look back at this list on my deathbed and grin with accomplishment.

[  Simeon’s Bucket List  ]

  1. Get a Twitter account.
  2. Become or become like Dr. Oz.
  3. Publish a book.
  4. Do 25 pull-ups.
  5. Get married and have a yard full of kids.
  6. Ride a horse (and shoot pistols at cornbread).
  7. Preach.
  8. Verify with my own eyes whether Colorado really has purple mountains.
  9. Beat Jason Satiago’s Triple Town score (7,159,435).
  10. Make a cover of a song and post it up on Youtube.
  11. Relearn my Harvey Mudd education (only the math/science stuff).
  12. Save somebody’s life (ex. a baby from a speeding car).
  13. Give at least the amount I received in financial aid during college to fund some kid’s education.
  14. Learn Mandarin and Spanish.
  15. Make/train a super buff/fit guinea pig (or dog, or fish, etc.).
  16. Learn to give professional-quality full-body massages.
  17. Do something that Bear Grylls would be proud of.
  18. Have my own set of stories akin to those of Father Greg Boyle.
  19. Eat 보신탕 (bosintang).

Notice that I don’t have a 20th.  

What’s on your bucket list that you’d like to do with me?

Simeon Koh

P.S.  Part of the assignment was to actually do one of the things on my list.  So I got a Twitter account (SimeonaTweets), but I have no idea what to do with it!  Emily Margolis please teach me!