Today’s Art of Manliness assignment was to reconnect with an old friend, which could be in the form of writing a letter.  The purpose is to maintain a good friendship even if you’re apart.

So I wrote a letter to my good friend Shaun Pacheco, who is away studying physics at some grad school somewhere in Arizona.  Let me tell y’all about this great man and why I’d love to maintain our friendship for years and years to come.

Shaun Pacheco is the Captain America in the middle.  He likes superheroes and the comics that they appear in.  As a native of Korea, I didn’t grow up reading superhero comics because I read mangas and other Asian things.  Shaun introduced me to some comics/graphic novels, and I’ve come to like them a lot.

Besides his love of comics, he loves Sprite, graham crackers, bagels, hotdogs, and Skittles (maybe beer, but let’s keep it PG).  Because he’s allergic to so many things his diet is mostly limited to those things.  I used to know all the things he’s allergic to, but I have forgotten since (egad!).

Anyways, I first met Shaun in college as part of our Summer Institute program.  Then we had 4 years of shenanigans together:

  • playing Plasma Pong instead of working on our CS assignments
  • trying to publish our Discrete Math homework with Kevin Black in hopes of getting Erdös numbers
  • going sky diving
  • staying up late into the night talking about motorized couches
  • window shopping at the dollar store with Sarah Ferraro
  • watching demolition derby (where I was the single Asian person in the whole stadium)

In short, this man is one of those few people that I just “click” with naturally.  It takes me absolutely no effort to talk for hours and hours with this guy, and I am insanely privileged to be friends with him.  May our friendship last for years to come, and plenty more adventures together.