Today’s Art of Manliness assignment was to increase my testosterone by doing at least 3 out of the 9 things that they listed.  Here are the 3 that I did:

1.  Get at least 8 hours of sleep.  I did that last night.  Easy-peasy.

2.  Meditate for at least 10 minutes.  I thought about what good it does to be going on all these adventures and blogging about them.  It’s fun and makes me a better person, but how does it benefit anybody else?  Also, as a Christian I try to align what I do with what God would want, but I’m sure how this does.  Instead it seems very much in alignment with my Core Value #5, by seeking attention and love from others by blogging about my adventures (no need to blog if all I wanted were just adventures).  I’m not saying that self-serving goals are necessarily bad, but I’d like this experience to be more than just me me me.  I don’t have a good answer for it right now.

3.  Eat a serving of animal protein.  Easy.  Today was the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving (추석, “Choo-seok”), so I had plenty of good animal protein to masticate on today.  Grilled mackerel for breakfast, pork ribs and too many things to eat for lunch at church, and grilled shrimps for dinner.  Today was a feast.


I’m not sure I feel a surge of testosterone from today’s activities.  But I also like to think that manliness is more than just your testosterone level; I think it’s in the character that I’m developing through these adventures ahead.

Simeon Koh