I should have posted this yesterday, but yesterday was a fail day.  I had no energy and motivation to do anything.

In short, I failed to accomplish yesterday’s Art of Manliness assignmentFind a Mentor.  I pitifully tried…  I texted a friend for someone’s phone number… but that friend didn’t respond.  I called somebody2, but that somebody2 didn’t pick up.  I didn’t even try for a third person.

I felt horrible.  I was supposed to be looking for adventure, awakening the “Tookish side” within myself.  But on Day 3 reality punched me in the face and reminded me how fragile it all was; how fickle and weak-willed my human nature is.  Disappointed in myself and grossed out at my own idleness, I dreaded the thought of having to write this post.  So when at 8:17PM my friends asked me to hang out at TGIFridays, I jumped at the chance and had a blast, not thinking about adventures at all.

But a worthwhile adventure is surely not without setbacks and failures.  I may have not found a mentor (I’m not sure what I’d want in a mentor anyways…), but life is full of them if I have the eyes to see.

Simeon Koh